HGRT Digital Ground Resistance Tester

HGRT Digital Ground Resistance Tester

HGRT Digital Ground Resistance Tester Brief Introduction:

Used to measure grounding resistance, the instruments adopts different frequency multi-source method in one measurement .The computer control the output frequency of power supply and collect and process data, eliminating the interference between the measurement leads line impact. This instrument also adopts hardware and software filtering technology to reduce measurement errors caused by power frequency. Further improvement of the SNR makes the measurement results more stable and reliable.

Product Feature:

(1) Power frequency equivalence is good. Test current waveform is sine wave, difference between frequency and power frequency is only 5Hz, adopts 45Hz and 55Hz two frequencies to measure

(2) Strong anti-interference ability. This instrument adopts different frequency measurement, with modern hardware and software filtering technology that enables equipment with high anti-interference ability, test data is reliable. In the interference of 10V power frequency it can still guarantee the accuracy of 1%.

(3) High precision. Fundamental error is only 0.005Ω can be used to measure the large-scale ground resistance of small grounding impedance.

(4) Powerful functions. It can measure all the parameters of grounding device of relevant standard Provisions. Not only measure ground resistance, can also measure the resistance component and reactance component.

(5) Measurable on-site interference, facilitate the user to estimate measurement error.

(6) Simple to operate. Chinese menu-type operations, direct display test results.

(7) 50 groups of measurement data can be saved, and comes with mini printer can print measurement results on-site.

(8) Small amount of wiring work, no high-current lines.

(9) The equipment is small, light weight, easy to carry.

Technical Parameters:

 Power Supply   AC220V±10%,50Hz
 Measurement line requirements   Current line copper core cross-sectional area≥0.5mm2
  Voltage line copper core cross-sectional area≥0.2mm2
 Resolution   0.001Ω
 Dimensions   440×350×210mm
 Weight   7.5kg
 Maximum output current   1A
 Maximum output voltage   100V
 Impedance measurement range   0~200Ω
 Measurement error   ±(reading×1%+0.005Ω)
 Anti-interference ability of power frequency 50Hz voltage   10V
 Test Current Waveform   Sine wave
 Test current frequency   45Hz、55Hz Dual frequency

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