HDPM Portable Dew Point Meter

HDPM Portable Dew Point Meter

Brief Introduction:

The dew point transmitter of HDPM with high performance of Finland Vaisala Company is adopted as the core measurement unit of the entire system, it integrates multiple up-to-date research achievement and proprietary technology in measurement of dew point, and it is equipped with precision sampling system for sample gas and intelligent digital processing display, and it is one of existing dew point measurement instruments with the most advanced technique and the most powerful function.

Product Feature:

(1) Self-calibrating of zero point and slope at starting up (proprietary technology)

(2) Calibration of dew point with full-scale range by single-point method  (proprietary technology

(3) Sensor drying protection device (proprietary technology)

(4) Operation and control by color touch screen

(5) eal-time curve display

(6) Storage and printing of measurement data

(7) Intelligent prompting of electricity quantity, automatic calibration for slope of intelligent charging protection (proprietary technology)

Technical Parameters:

Measurement of dew point -80…+20°C, when the dew point temperature is lower than 0°C, the output of sensor is frost point
Typical precision superior than ±1°C
Response time (Td) When the gas temperature is 20°C -60→-20°C            5s (63%), 10s (90%)
-20→-60°C            45s (63%), 10min (90%)
Operation environment Temperature -10…+60°C
Relative  humidity  0…100%RH
Pressure 1 barometric pressure
Parameter of complete appliance Working flow no influence
Power supply built-in lithium battery (8000mAh), AC/DC
Charging time over 6 hours (with intelligent charging protection)
Using time >10 hours
Digital output RS232 USB interface
Printing 24 characters/row, stylus printer
Dimension 250mm×250mm×100mm
Weight about 3.5kg

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