HPTD Insulated Boots (Gloves) Withstand Voltage Test Device

HPTD Insulated Boots (Gloves) Withstand Voltage Test Device

Brief Introduction:

HPTD series of HV Insulated Glove (Boots) Test Sets is idea testing equipment to test insulated boots (gloves) , solving the traditional irregular test method , simpler, faster in testing. It can ensure the safety of person to detect and reliably identify the leakage current , insulation aging and frequency pressure and other parameters . Six insulated gloves (boots) can be detect by a single measurement.

Product Feature:

(1) 320 × 240 LCD real-time display high-voltage, low current, 6-channel leakage current, time and pressure results, shows clear visual;

(2) High-voltage, low current, 6-channel leakage current total of 8 measurement, high-precision sensors.

(3) Full automatic working process, optional for automatic or manual opration .

(4) Automatic saving data, and show the start of the last data when supply power .

(5) Overvoltage and overcurrent protection, can set low current limit, current limit and time-time leakage freely .

(6) Reaches the set voltage automatic timing, after timing automatic return to zero .

(7) when low current exceeds the set limit or the limit of leakage current, automatic cut off output, voltage back to zero, and alarm.

(8) Sophisticated software and hardware anti-jamming design, adapted to the harsh environment.

(9) Automatic diagnose error , easy to identify and solve problems .

(10) ptional for remote communications, alarm lights, door interlock, external divider calibration interface .

Technical Parameters:

(1) Power supply: AC220V±10%

(2) Frequency: 50Hz±1

(3) ated capability: 3kVA

(4) Output voltage : 0-30kV

(5) Voltage Accuracy(%): ≤1.5 0% (F.S)

(6) Current Accuracy(%): ≤1.5 0% (F.S)

(7) Low Voltage Current : 0-15A

(8) Leakage Current : 0-20.0mA

(9) Leakage Current Resolution : 0.1mA

(10) Timing rang : 0-999s

(11) Environmental: -20~50 Centigrade

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