HLRT Loop Resistance Tester

HLRT Loop Resistance Tester

Brief Introduction:

HLRT Loop Resistance Tester is designed to measure circuit loop resistance(contact resistance) of high/low voltage switch,power cable and wires,and weld joint.

Product Feature:

(1) Four leads measurement method, high Accuracy.

(2) Adjustable testing current and low ripple.

(3) Two 31/2 LED windows to display Current and Resistance.

(4) Over-current and Over-heat protection.

(5) Easy to operate.

(6) Portable,high precision.

Technical Parameters:

(1) Testing current: DC 0-100A

(2) Max. Ripple ratio: 3% @ 100A, 20mΩ

(3) Measure range: 0~1.999mΩ / 0~19.99mΩ

(4) Resolution: 1μΩ / 10μΩ

(5) Accuracy: 1.0%

(6) Power supply: AC 220V±20%, 50Hz±1

(7) Operation conditions:0 to 40ºC, RH<85%

(8) Dimension: 36×27×23cm

(9) Weight: 7.5kg

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