HGLD SF6 Gas Leak Detector

HGLD SF6 Gas Leak Detector

SF6 Gas Leak Detector brief introduction:

The measurement principle of (NDIR) “Non-dispersive Dual-wavelength Infrared Spectrum” is adopted for PGas-31 gas infrared quantitative detector.

Product Feature:

(1) There is no radiotive emitter and it is convenient to carry; the screen of hand-held probe uses OLED, it is self-luminous with high brightness, with no visual angle problem;

(2) high precision, good stability and sensitivity, and the resolution of leakage detection can reach 0.1ppm;

(3) the response time is fast; with no consumable parts, life time of the sensor is extra long; it can detect gases include C2H2, CH4, C4H10, C2H4, C2H6, C3H8, CO2,CO and SF6, etc.

Technical Parameters:



Measurement principle

Infrared (NDIR)

Measurement range

Refer to lectotype table

Sampling mode

Pumping type

Service temperature


Power supply

7.2V DC, internal battery power supply

Response time (T90s)

1~5 second(s)

Warm-up time

100 seconds

Probe unit rod length


Service life of sensor

>10 years

Calibration time

Calibration once every six months

Alarm mode


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