HTCT Transformer On-load Tap Changer Tester

HTCT Transformer On-load Tap Changer Tester

HTCT Transformer On-load Tap Changer Tester Brief Introduction:

It is an integrated instrument used for measurement and analysis power transformers and special transformers on-load tap changer’s electrical performance of power system. It adopts computer-controlled, through a specially designed measuring circuit can be realized measurement of on-load tap changer’s transition time, transition waveform, the transition resistance, three-phase simultaneous performance and other parameters. According to the user’s needs and field conditions, it not only can directly lead measure from tap changer, but also can use the transformer three-phase bushing and the neutral point lead measure directly.

Product Feature:

(1) Light oscillograph function

(2) Strong comprehensive measurement capability

(3) Comprehensive analysis of test results

(4) Data hold, data communication

(5) Strong anti-interference

(6) Large-screen LCD display, Chinese menu operation

(7) Own micro-printer, Chinese-characterizing print measurement result and waveform

(8) Small size, light weight

Technical Parameters:

 Power supply   220V 10% Power≤200W
 Dimensions   410mm╳320mm╳200mm
 Weight   ≤20kg
 Monitor   240*128Wide temperature range type LCD
 Printer   MP-40-8 panel type front changing paper printer
 Processing part   80C320 high-speed 8-bit microprocessor. Program memory 32K; power down to keep the data memory 512K bytes; high-speed A / D converter, the maximum sampling rate up to 400KHZ
 Transition resistance measurement range   Y type transformer 1-40A
  Y type transformer 1-20A
 Measurement Accuracy   1-5A,Δ≤±10%
 Time error   Δ≤±1%

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