HHVG Ultra-Low Frequency High Voltage Generator

HHVG Ultra-Low Frequency High Voltage Generator

Brief Introduction:

Ultra-Low Frequency High Voltage Generator adopts advanced digital frequency conversion technology, uses computer controls boost, measurement, fully automated protection and can manual intervention when auto-boost. Mainly used for cable AC voltage withstand test, large high voltage rotating motors, capacitors and other AC voltage withstand test.

Product Feature:

(1) Current, voltage, waveform data were obtained directly from the high pressure side of the sample, data is accurate.

(2) With overvoltage protection function, when the output exceeds the limit voltage value, the device will shutdown to protect, action time is less than 20ms.

(3) With over-current protection function: double protection design for high &low voltage, high voltage side can set to accurate shutdown protection; when low side current exceeds the rated current, current will be shut down to protect the device, and action time are all less than 20ms.

(4) High-voltage output protection resistor is designed in the body of the booster, so the outside do not need another protection resistor.

(5) As using the high & low voltage closed-loop feedback control circuit, the output without capacitive rise effect.

Technical Parameters:

 Power Supply   ~220V      50Hz
 Waveform distortion   ≤5%
 Load capacity   0.1Hz,≤1.1μF
 Positive and negative peak errors   ≤3%
 Measurement Accuracy   3%
 output frequency   0.1Hz/0.05Hz/0.02Hz
 output voltage   0-30kV

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