HVVT Vacuum Switch Vacuity Tester

HVVT Vacuum Switch Vacuity Tester

HVVT Vacuum Switch Vacuity Tester Brief Introduction:

Quantitative measurement of vacuum switch interrupter, with quantitative measurement method, not only can measure whether the Circuit Breaker Vacuum Bottle in the normal range, but also can calculate the life of some vacuum switches which leakage very fast through the analysis of results over the years approximately, thereby, fulfilling the purpose of accident prevention.

Product Feature:

(1) Quantitative measurement of various models of vacuum switch interrupter.

(2) Needn’t to dismantle the vacuum switch when test on-site.

(3) Accurate and reliable test results.

(4) Chinese Character LCD display, simple to operate.

(5) The test data can be saved, printed and checked.

Technical Parameters:

 Power Supply   Voltage:AC220V±10%       Frequency:50Hz±1Hz
 Service condition   Ambient temperature:-10℃~40℃
 Dimensions   460mm×335mm×330mm
 Weight   12kg
 Measurement Range   10-4~10-1Pa
 Electric field voltage   15KV
 Magnetic field voltage   1600V
 Instrument precision   5%

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