HBVT Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

HBVT Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

Brief Introduction:

HBVT Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester , in accordance with IEC156, is designed to check insulating oil’s dielectric strength.The test set is compact and portable, therefore suitable for field work.

The tester operation is simple, one-key control mode.

Product Feature:

(1) High degree of automation: auto mixing, auto standing, auto step-up, automatically record the breakdown voltage, automatic cut power and go back to zero, automatically calculate the average, auto-print.

(2) Multi-layer anti-interference design of the hardware and software , effectively eliminating the chances of system halted, running error and so on caused by strong electromagnetic interference in the operation.

(3) Integrated design, easy to carry.

(4) Breakdown Protection: it can cut off the high voltage of the oil cup within 10ms after the breakdown of the oil sample.

(5) Multi- protection, operational safety.

Technical Parameters:

 Power Supply  Voltage:AC220V±10%       Frequency:50Hz±1Hz
 Service condition  Ambient temperature:-10℃~40℃   Relative humidity≤90%RH
 Dimensions Length310mm*Width330mm*Height324mm
 Weight  22kg
 Measurement Accuracy  ±(2%×readings+1kV)
 Step-up rate  2.5kV/s±10%
 Output voltage 60kV, 80kV, 100kV
 Preset times  1~9Times
  Stirring time:0~99 s
  Silent pause 0~10 Minutes 39 s.

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