HDAG Dry Air Generator for Transformer

HDAG Dry Air Generator for Transformer

HDAG Transformer Dry Air Generator is widely used in maintenance and installation of large power equipments like transformers and reactors, etc. The equipment can supply dry air at site and is able to be continuously operated without manual assistance.

  1. With double screw air compressor, low temperature condensed to dewater technology, etc.
  2. With double screw air compressor, low temperature condensed to water technology, etc.
  3. Comprehensive utilization of dryer, blot machine, ultra precision filter merits such as scientific combination, produce high quality low dew point of the dry air.
  4. The native integration design, compact structure and reasonable, good drying effect, low gas consumption, long working life, composite desiccant use effect is good, service life than ordinary adsorbent extend more than three times.
  5. Regenerative adsorption dehydration technology, the high accuracy coalescence dehydration, 0.01μm precision filters to ensure cleanliness, easy operation, energy saving, safe and reliable.


Flow Drawings:


ModelHDAG -40HDAG -100HDAG -150HDAG -200
Air Supply(m³/h)40100150200
Dew Point-70°C
Discharge Pressure0.02-0.2MPa  Adjustable
Air Consumption Regeneration8-12% Comparation
Working methodTwo tower by alternating work automatically and continuously
Sorbent MaterialActivated Alumina/molecule filter
Regeneration MethodNo -heat regeneration
Working Pressure0.6-0.8MPa
Power supply380V/50Hz
Diameter of Discharge Pipe25323232
Weight (kg)600100011001300

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