TPF On-load Tap-Changer Oil Filter Unit

TPF On-load Tap-Changer Oil Filter Unit


KLEANOIL® TPF Series Tap-Changer Oil Filter Unit is for On Load Switch/Tap-Changer is mainly used for cyclic purification of the oil from bypass of the transformer and high voltage switch.


  • It can effectively absorb the trace water and tiny mechanical particles by cyclic purifying system of the bypass while the main system is under normal working.
  • control the oil cleanness and dielectric strength in order to ensure the electrical parameter such as water content,flash point,break-down voltage and cleanness of the insulating oil, and extend the repairing period and the life span of the transformer and high voltage switch. It ensures that the high voltage switch works safely during maintenance period.
  • Integrate the function of fineness filtration and dehydration.
  • It can efficiently remove dissolved water, and control the water content,flash point and dielectric strength.
  • It can efficiently remove particles in the oil,  so that control the oil cleanness up to NAS6.
  • High filtration efficiency, simple to operate, no-man supervision.
  • All the pipes use stainless steel, no secondary pollution happens during the filtration process.
  • Particles filtration system, large filtration areas and high filtration efficiency, equipped with filtration protection device to realize automatic alarming when the overpressure happens.
  • Advanced filter adsorption technology, without heater. The adsorption filter with low energy consumption.
  • Less driving components, only oil pump is used in filtration process, low energy consumption, more reliable.
  • Oil pump with low running noise and long life-span.
  • Automatic operation, PLC control.


tap charger oil filtration processing

Technical Specification:

Working Pressure0.5MPaFlow Rate10L/min
Power Consumption0.38KWPower Supply380V/50Hz
Filter Rating≤1μmMoisture Content≤10ppm
Media Temprature-20℃~80℃CleannessNAS6
Inlet & OutletDN15Dimension280×750×1000mm

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