During transportation, storage, and usage, industrial oils are tend to get mixed with water content and mechanical impurities, and if the contaminated oil is inside a machine, it will impose some negative impacts on the equipment’s performance efficiency, even, in some worst cases, shorten the machine’s service life.


Mechanical impurities in oil will cause abrasion while passing by, leaving scars on the machine’s surface.Water on a metal surface can cause corrosion. Besides, when water finds its way into oil, it will affect oil properties in many ways, such as lowering the oil viscosity, accelerating oxidation and in the case of transformer insulating fluid, degrading its dielectric strength, etc.


An oil purifier is a system designed for improving the breakdown voltage of insulating oils or the cleanliness of lubricating oils. The unit can be mobile or stationary. Mobile model is easier for relocation. It normally has castors at bottom, therefore can be easily moved around, even on a small and uneven working ground, and when relocation site is far away, the mobile model can be upgraded to a trailer mounted type, more suitable for heavy duty long distance travel. The stationary model is skid mounted, and as the name suggests, fitting for practices that requires no location movement of the oil purification plant.


Generally speaking, an oil purifier can be divided into several systems:

  1. Oil Flow System: composed of filter elements, vacuum dehydrator, oil pump, oil pipings,etc.
  2. Gas Flow System: composed of condenser, water receiver, vacuum pump, foam depressor, gas pipings,etc.
  3. Heating System: composed of low watt density heater assembly.
  4. Control System: composed of electrical cabinet, pressure controller, infrared oil level monitor ,solenoid valve, etc.


Oil purifiers can be used on many kinds of industrial oils, such as lube oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic fluid, etc. However, for a particular oil purification machine, it’s better employed to process only one type of oil, since an oil purifier is normally designed according to the features of a certain kind of oil to be treated. Nevertheless, if processing multi-type oils is inevitable, filter elements replacement and piping clearance must be introduced to prevent cross contamination.

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